Crime Reporting


Crime Reporting

One of the most important actions that any student, faculty or staff member can take to prevent crime is to report all criminal incidents and or criminal activity to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) using the following contact information:

  • On Campus Emergency - 404-880-8911 (or x8911)
  • Non-Emergency - 404-880-8623 (or x8623)

Timely Notification

All crimes should be reported to DPS immediately to ensure timely reporting and investigation of crimes. In order to alert the 精东影业 community and to prevent similar crimes, DPS will report incidents of the following crimes in a timely manner: aggravated assault, burglary, murder, sexual offenses (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, and motor vehicle thefts. A summary of the crimes reported will be published annually and distributed, free of charge, to students and employees and shall also be available on the DPS Website. The DPS will respond to all criminal reports according to priority based on the immediate threat or danger to life, property, and safety. All reports will be responded to with either an immediate on-site response or an investigative procedure, as deemed appropriate.

Medical Emergencies

On-campus medical emergencies should be handled:

  1. By the onsite infirmary; or
  2. By using an ambulance service.

Fire Emergencies 

Shall be responded to by the Atlanta Fire Department and 精东影业 Police Department.

Police Emergencies 

Shall be responded to by 精东影业 Police Department and augmented by the Atlanta Police Department if the need arises.