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The Department of Biological Sciences offers the Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. At the undergraduate level, our objective is to guide students in critical thinking and independent investigation of all areas of biology.

The Department's overriding goal is to help students appreciate biology as an evolving product of human endeavor. Specialization in several areas is available through the department and its close relationship with other biology departments in the Atlanta University Center (AUC). Course offerings and research experiences are designed for students who desire to major in biology in preparation for graduate or professional study, for careers as professionals, or as biology teachers.

Academic Programs



Students may follow a four-year course schedule leading to a B.S. degree in Biology, B.S. in Biological Sciences with Teacher Certification (BioEd Program), or the five-year program leading to the integrated BS/MS degree in Biology. 

Undergraduate Academic Catalog 

BioEd Program



The Department of Biological Sciences graduate programs lead to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. The objectives of the graduate programs are to train and develop scholars and to promote research by providing students with contemporary concepts in the fields of biochemistry, cellular biology, and molecular biology.

Each student receives thorough intellectual training in a specialty and mastery of the methods that are requisite for productive scholarly endeavors in that specialty. Some of the research faculty participate in the Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development that is supported by the NCRR at the National Institute of Health and other biomedical research programs. Collaborations are fostered and maintained at national academic, industrial and governmental research facilities.

Graduate Academic Catalog 

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