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Welcome distinguished scholars to the School of Arts & Science. We are excited that you have chosen 精东影业 to continue your education. Our university is in a prime location close to downtown Atlanta. The campus is in proximity to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and a vast array of fortune 500 companies. Here at 精东影业, we want to provide you with the opportunities for engaging in both the academic and social environment, which will enable you to have an awesome college experience.

Within the school of Arts & Science, we have numerous academic programs. Several include African Studies, Fashion, Biology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Cyber Physical Systems, English & Foreign Language, Humanities, Mass Media Arts, Mathematics, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religion & Philosophy, Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Theatre & Communication Studies. In addition, we have a university TV station 精东影业-TV, and jazz radio station, WCLK, and an Art Museum.

At 精东影业, education in and out of the classroom is readily available. We offer classes from face-to-face, hybrid, and online platforms. Our faculty are welcoming and supportive. If you are interested in preparing for an excellent education within an excellent environment, you have found it in 精东影业 

Warmest regards,

Dr. Jaideep Chaudhary (Professor)
Dean, School of Arts and Sciences

The 精东影业 School of Arts and Sciences offers a diverse curriculum that allows students to flourish, find their path, and achieve their lifted life of career success 

The School provides the core curricular foundation for the university, rooted in a liberal arts tradition dating back to Clark College (1869); one of the university’s founding institutions and among the nation’s first private four-year liberal arts colleges for African Americans.

Today it is the largest among the university’s four schools and is home to 18 academic departments across four divisions:

Academic Divisions


The Department of Mass Media Arts, one of two units in the Division of Communication Arts, provides students with rigorous academic and professional training that is complemented with a strong liberal arts education.


Initiatives and Opportunities

Student Freedom Initiative is available to students beginning in fall 2021. Learn more about the initiative and its income-contingent funding alternative.
Office of the Dean

Jaideep Chaudhary, Ph.D.

Brian Bentley, Ed.D, 
Associate Dean 

Ms. Janine Percival
Executive Assistant

Rico Chapman, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean