MMA Overview

Department of Mass Media Arts
Robert W. Woodruff Library, Lower Level
Telephone: 404-880-8304
Maria E. Loftin, Staff Assistant II

The Department of Mass Media Arts provides students with rigorous academic and professional training that is complemented by a strong liberal arts education. The department’s curriculum prepares students for careers in mass media as well as entertainment, politics, personnel management, advertising, education, business, public relations, public service, speech arts, social media management, content curation, digital filmmaking, and civil service.

The mission of the Department of Mass Media Arts is to prepare students to become media experts in an academic-based training center through the use of cutting-edge research, new media technologies, 123 computer and digitized laboratories, ongoing on- air radio and television experiences, community organization projects, and the production of print and online publications and film projects.

The vision of the Department of Mass Media Arts is to be recognized as a major source of well- trained graduates capable of communicating and producing innovative mass media art forms and providing creative solutions in the areas of journalism, public relations, radio, television, social media, and film via new cutting-edge new media technologies and the latest software.

The Department of Mass Media Arts constantly reviews trends in media industries and recognizes that students need to be prepared to move forward in the 21st century in their understanding and use of media technology. To accomplish this goal, training laboratories are provided to enhance the students' abilities in their coursework and to assist in practical, hands-on, interactive experiences. Students are educated and trained to be proficient in research skills, critical thinking and analysis, the use of multimedia and new media technologies, as well as, become talented, creative media experts in their chosen fields of concentration. A Mass Media Arts major requires intensive written and verbal communication leadership skills throughout matriculation.